Is It Future or Is It Past? – The Timepieces of Twin Peaks

A touchstone of 90’s television, the supernaturally-inclined town of Twin Peaks has made its way back to our T.V. screens. Chronicling the return of Special Agent Dale Cooper (via Dougie Jones) to the sleepy titular Washington town, season 3 of Twin Peaks is full of the food, philosophy, and Lynch-level thrills that we loved from the first two seasons.

Represented on the runway even before the announcement of season 3, the vaguely-nostalgic, vintage-inspired fashions of Twin Peaks are as important part of the Twin Peaks’ popularity as anything else. In the past we’ve seen outfits including Dale Cooper’s crisp black suit, Phillip Jeffries’ business-casual Hawaiian combo, Dr. Jacoby’s signature red and blue glasses, and Audrey Horne’s femme-fatale/schoolgirl ensemble cast a wide influence in the realm of modern fashion. (For a more in-depth discussion about Twin Peaks’ influence in the fashion world, check out Kate Martin’s article over at Grailed.)

While we can talk about the fashion’s of Twin Peaks for while, this being Luxurious Jewelry and Timepieces, I thought it only appropriate to take a second and explore the timepieces of Twin Peaks, and how you can replicate that Twin Peaks look for yourself. 

1. Dale Cooper and the Carl F. Bucherer T-Graph

Twin Peaks Carl F Bucherer T Graph Watch from Moyer Fine Jewelers

A fan of Tibet, cherry pie, and damn good coffee, Special Agent Dale Cooper’s style can be described as sleek, streamlined, and smart. Whether in donning his FBI-issued black suit, or his flannel-clad Sheriff’s outfit, Dale Cooper always seems to find the perfect balance of fashion and functionality.

The same can be said for this T-Graph collection watch from Carl F. Bucherer. Made with 18-karat gold, and featuring a precise chronograph along with useful date, second, and power reserve complications, the T-Graph timepiece from Carl F. Bucherer is as stylish as it is versatile and useful.

2. Audrey Horne and the Chopard Happy Sport

Twin Peaks Happy Diamond Women's watch by Chopard from Moyer Fine Jewelers

Mixing timeless fashions with new-school cool, Audrey Horne has been enchanting the hearts of Twin Peaks’ viewers since she first slow-danced across the Double R Diner floor. Despite being the perennial runner-up for the Ms. Twin Peaks contest, as well as agent Cooper’s heart, Audrey was never anything less than fabulous and determined.

Similarity to Audrey, this Happy Sport women’s timepiece from Chopard is straightforward, elegant, and full of a quiet confidence and sophistication. With the distinctive “floating diamonds” made famous in Chopard’s Happy Diamonds line, this piece features a diamond-covered mother-of-pear dial, 18-karat rose gold case, and genuine alligator leather strap. Subtle yet significant, the Chopard Happy Sport watch makes a wonderful addition to any everyday or formal outfit.

3. Deputy Andy Brennan and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Twin Peaks Certified Pre-Owned Rolex watches at Moyer Fine Jewelers

Sweet and simple, Andy Brennan has long been the lovable loser of the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department. Now the station’s elder statesman, Andy (perhaps with some help from Dick Tremayne) has seemed to upped his game by adding the iconic Rolex Oyster Perpetual to his wardrobe.

While Andy’s fashion sense seems to be as straightforward as he is, the watches of Rolex range in fashions that are svelte and simple, to pieces that are intricate, complex, and full of an array of wonderful complications. Sure to have an amazing selection of rare and hard-to-find models, we suggest that Rolex enthusiasts check out their local pre-owned watch retailer. For example, at Moyer Fine Jewelers you’re sure to find pre-owned watches that include pieces from every point in Rolex’s innovative horological history. This is a great way to find a one-of-a-kind piece without breaking the bank.

4. Tammy Preston and the 867 Watch by Ralph Lauren

Twin Peaks Ralph Lauren 826 Collection Ladies Watches from Moyer Fine Jewelers

Gordon Cole’s right hand (wo)man , Special Agent Tammy Preston embodies the mystery, romance, and surreal sensuality of Twin Peaks’ “Blue Rose” adventure. Played by longtime David Lynch collaborator and jazz singer Chyrsta Bell, Tammy Preston’s fashion takes a page out of Agent Cooper’s playbook by effortlessly merging work-appropriate fashions with distinctive sartorial choices.

Equally alluring and efficient, this women’s timepiece from the 867 collection by Ralph Lauren is the perfect accompaniment for any work and work adjacent activity. With a refreshing mix of roman and Arabic style numerals, this Ralph Lauren watch is deceptively simple, and unveils something new to the wearer every time it’s adorned.

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